Wednesday, September 10, 2014


They wanted me to bind my arms, bind my legs.

They wanted me to cover my ears, blindfold my eyes.

Now they want me to tie my tongue.

As if that would obliterate my mind.

For the words of a soul is forever endearing.

As the Book bears witness to this simple cry.

A sleeping slave would always dream.

As the words of Gibran once said.

And once he awakes and opens his eyes.

Comprehending freedom in a world gone mad.

The tyrant's hand of suppression reveals.

The truth it tries to hide, in desperation so sad.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ponder Assunder

The mind, restless and infinite,
Screaming and silent.
Waiting for the doors to be unlocked,
Waiting for surrender.

Fire burns, Water cools
Within the vessel of flesh and blood
Earth shakes, Air soothes
Asleep half the age, awake for none.

Let me let go,
Let me release my hold.
On the material reality, of insanity
From a sun that's too cold.