Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pondering in the Clown shop

When is introspection truly possible? What is this Nirvana or Enlightenment we hear about? What is the true message behind the Holy Quran and the other scriptures? What did Prophet Muhamed (Sallahlaahi Alai Wassallum), The Buhdha, Christ and all the other harbingers of the message of love and compassion know that we did not?
Introspection happens within. When we pray. When we meditate or do yoga. Or when we just simply breathe deeply, being in the hear and now. And the truth is simple. It’s love. God is love. We all felt it more than once in our lives, yet did not believe or realize.
Spending even five minutes on your own each day, simply breathing and emptying your mind, without resisting any thought, just relaxing can be a first step. Or a Muslim could do our prayers, a Hindu could do the same, whatever speaks to your soul. Because it is the same voice, it is the same higher power. It is the same love we all share.

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